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Pyjama Passion: Rekindling Date Night at Home Beyond Netflix.

We’ve all heard it before – make room for date night. But sometimes, a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant just isn’t in the cards, and that shouldn’t mean missing out on the opportunity to connect with our partner. My husband and I have experienced this firsthand, as we’ve moved around quite a bit as a family. Finding a sitter for a traditional date night wasn’t always possible, so we’ve tested a gazillion tools for couples to find an alternative to bingeing Netflix after bedtime. Some of these tools were recommended by our therapist, while others were spontaneous Amazon purchases. In this blog post, we’re excited to share the ones that have worked wonders for us, the ones we wholeheartedly recommend, and those that have stood the test of time. We hope this will come in handy to you right in time for the long autumn evenings: 

1.Gottman Card Decks App:

We stumbled upon the Gottman Card Decks App through our therapist, who happens to be a Gottman Institute practitioner. During one of our therapy sessions, she introduced us to this invaluable resource. But Adam Grant’s podcast about ‘Four Horsemen of Relationship Destruction’ mentioned the game gave us the confidence to try it. The Gottman Institute is renowned for its research on what makes relationships work. Their “Gottman Card Decks App” is a digital treasure trove of relationship-building tools and exercises. From conversation starters to games that promote intimacy and trust, this app provides a wealth of resources to help couples connect on a deeper level. You can explore topics like love maps appreciation, and even set relationship goals. It’s like having a relationship therapist in your pocket!


2. Where Should We Begin” Game by Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a world-renowned psychotherapist and relationship expert. If you are anything like me, you probably read some of her life-changing work. Her “Where Should We Begin” game is inspired by her popular podcast of the same name. This card game is designed to spark intimate and thought-provoking conversations between partners. Each card presents a unique scenario or question that prompts honest discussions about love, sex, trust, and more. It’s an excellent way to break down barriers and foster deeper emotional connections.


3. Let’s Get Deep

“Let’s Get Deep” is more than just a phrase; it’s a tool that encourages meaningful conversations between couples. It’s all about setting aside time to engage in thoughtful, heartfelt discussions. Whether over a cosy dinner at home or a quiet walk in the park, make an intentional effort to ask each other questions that go beyond the surface. What are your dreams, fears, and aspirations? What are your favourite childhood memories? You can strengthen your emotional connection by creating a safe space for vulnerability.


4. An Appreciation Party

This one has been with us the longest. To avoid making it seem like all we talk about is problems, we sat down each night and said what we acknowledged about the other person that day. We also made a rule that we can say what we wish we were acknowledged for. It is a fun routine that lets us finish the day positively.

5. The memory game

My husband and I are a couple that can’t resist a good game and a dash of friendly competition. That’s why the classic memory game earns a spot on our list. It gives us that delightful element of competition, adds a splash of fun to our evenings, and we can play a quick round before bed, making it a perfect, fun addition to our relationship toolbox. 

P.S We aren’t getting sponsored by any of these. We just have a thing for games and have played so many of them 🙂


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