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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Valentine’s with Kids, What Do We Do?

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was an exciting event? The anticipation of secret admirers, the thrill of exchanging cards. But now, as a parent, it feels more like a box to check off – another commercial duty. What if we could bring the fun, the charm, and the genuine excitement back to Valentine’s Day?

The Evolution of Valentine’s Day for Parents

There was a time when February 14th meant butterflies in the stomach, carefully chosen cards, and maybe even anonymous love notes. Fast forward to parenthood, and it’s more about buying the trendiest cards for your kid’s classmates or the quickest box of chocolates from the store. But what happened to the joy, the personal touch?

Reclaiming the Joy of Valentine’s Day

Amidst the hustle of parenting and the commercial pressure, we often forget the essence of Valentine’s Day. It’s about celebrating love and friendships in their most sincere form. Let’s bring that warmth and sincerity back. Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day to express genuine affection and appreciation for those around us, big and small.

Creative and Heartfelt Celebration Ideas

Idea #1: Family Crafting Session for Homemade Valentines

Get the whole family involved in creating handmade Valentine’s cards. It’s a great way to spend quality time together and teach kids the value of personal touch over store-bought items.

Idea #2: Themed Family Dinner Night

Host a ‘Love and Appreciation’ dinner where each dish is someone’s favourite. During the meal, each family member can share something or someone they love or appreciate, fostering a sense of gratitude and affection.

Idea #3: Love and Friendship Storytime

Gather around as a family and share stories about love and friendship. These could be personal anecdotes, fairy tales, or even family history stories about how grandparents met.

Idea #4: A Family Trip to Marrakech with ilo

Imagine whisking your family away to the enchanting city of Marrakech for Valentine’s Day. It’s an adventure that promises a blend of culture, excitement, and a unique way to show love to your little ones. While we will show love to your kids, you can have breakfast in the Agafay Desert; enjoying the tranquillity of the desert at dawn, coupled with a delicious meal, makes for a moment of pure family bonding and an expression of love that goes beyond material gifts.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day can be more than just a date on the calendar; it could be an opportunity to create lasting memories and express our love in meaningful ways. Whether it’s crafting together at home, sharing a special meal, exchanging heartwarming stories, or embarking on an exciting trip to Marrakech, the essence lies in the love shared and the joy brought into each other’s lives. This year, let’s reinvent Valentine’s Day to celebrate love in all its beautiful forms. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the adventurous, loving families out there!

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