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The Art of Packing Light When Travelling with a Baby.


If you’re anything like me, the thought of juggling multiple bags and relying on airport trolleys is far from appealing. Guess what? In my experience, a baby doesn’t have to change that! When my son Benjamin was just three months old, we embarked on an exciting month-long wedding tour, travelling from Denmark to France, England, and Poland. The most surprising part? We managed to tackle the journey with just one checked-in suitcase and a small backpack for the flight, all for two adults and a baby. Ever since, this is how we travel, and the older Benji is, the less stuff we take. Let me take you through some valuable tips I learned along the way, helping us pack light and enjoy stress-free flights with our little one.

  1. Simplifying Clothing Choices: During our travels, I realised we often need far fewer clothes than anticipated. I love working out when travelling, but I decided to forgo my running shoes and opted for shoe-less workouts such as yoga or pilates to save space.  As for Benjamin’s clothing, I always carried extra clothes for unforeseen situations. However, I discovered that using small cotton “bib” protectors worked wonders in safeguarding his outfits from messy food and drink spills. Instead of changing all my clothes, I could have just one small dry bib.  Additionally, staying at an Airbnb allowed us access to laundry facilities, making it convenient to wash and dry our clothes in just a couple of hours.
  2. Streamlining Changing and Feeding Essentials: We use disposable nappies and bring only the necessary amount for the first night at your destination and for travel. They take up significant space, and buying them at your destination is often easier. The same goes for wipes, snacks, and other essentials. We schedule a delivery through services like Uber Eats or Gorillas to have supplies waiting for us at our accommodation, saving us from the hassle of searching for supermarkets.
  3. Embracing the Power of Packing Cubes: One of the best discoveries for our packing success was using packing cubes. I assigned two cubes for myself, two for my partner, and two for Benjamin. If an item didn’t fit within the allocated cube, it didn’t make the cut. This simple rule helped us stay organised and ensured we only packed the essentials.
  4. Researching Baby Gear Availability: I quickly learned I could minimise the amount of baby gear we travelled with by researching what was available at our destination. I reached out to friends and even contacted our Airbnb hosts to inquire about borrowing or renting gear. To my surprise, many hosts were incredibly accommodating and went out of their way to provide us with what we needed. This helped us avoid carrying unnecessary bulky items.
  5. Maximising the Nappy Bag: Take advantage of the extra luggage allowance most airlines provide for your baby. Instead of filling it solely with baby items, utilise the space for your own essentials. Pack travel-sized toiletries or an extra jumper to maximise the use of this additional bag.
  6. Addressing Seasonal Needs: A few essential items made all the difference for our summer travels while taking up minimal space. I carried an insect net for napping under trees when Benjamin still fit in his carrycot and UV clothing for beach excursions. Alternating between two sets of UV clothing was sufficient to protect Benjamin from the sun’s rays.

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